Wonders and Signs #66

$ 3,380.00 USD


Artist: Hani Amra

Title: Wonders and Signs #66

Date: 2017

Medium: Acrylic on raw canvas

Size: 100 x 130 cm // 39.3 x 51.1 in

*Artwork is stretched


About Artwork

The “Wonders and Signs” series is an homage to the informal art of Palestine, messages of freedom, calls to revolt, insubordination, loss of a martyr, but also personal messages of love, wedding and religious celebrations, decorating the streets expressing the popular culture and history of East Jerusalem and Palestine.

In time, the accumulation of these colorful messages, their entanglement and superimposition, overflow and surpass their initial content. The original graphic is lost in favor of a complex and barely readable form. Words fade away. What remains is of no particular relevance, except for leaving a fresh mark, a presence. Revealing a form of abstraction typical to modern art.