Palestinians in Wonderland

$ 360.00 USD


Artist: Tala Bitar

Title: Palestinians in Wonderland

Date: 2019

Medium: Mixed Media

Size: 50 x 35 cm // 27.5 x 13.7 in

*Artwork is rolled


About Artwork

From the art work series "The West Bank Wall As A Canvas"; this artwork is a photograph from a visit to Bethlehem in 2018, showing the 8-meter-high wall dividing Palestine into sections. For Palestinians, the wall has become a message board to share information, calls for resistance and unity, and affirm Palestinian national identity. The use of cartoons/graffiti and the pop of colours used in the stitching allow the message to stand out and appeal to both the young and old ages. Alice in wonderland expresses the way Palestinians are stuck behind the wall, resembling the dark rabbit hole that Alice gets stuck in.

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