30 Percent-

$ 3,500.00 USD


Artist: Ghia Haddad
Title: 30 Percent-
Date: 2020
Medium: Palestinian Embroidery and Acrylic Paint on wood
Size: 82 x 55 cm // 32.2 x 21.6 in

*Artwork is framed

About Artwork

Children remain our most delicate global potential. They are also our weakest. Take a child’s healthcare away, and they will develop lifelong physical challenges. Deprive them from a parent, and they will forever be changed. Take their nutrition away, and their growth will be stunted. Traumatise them, and their brain will never recover. Remove their education, and their chance for a good standard of living drops. Today, migrant children are still cruelly held in detention centers in the US. Refugee children are still suffering from dire conditions in overcrowded disease-riddled camps. African-American children still get robbed of stability, safety, and resources just for being black. Lebanese children still suffer the effects of a broken political system that, 30 years after the end of the civil war, cannot offer them basic needs. And Palestinian children, 200 of whom are detained today in Israeli prisons, will witness next month the annexation of an additional 30% of Palestinian lands making their lives under military rule even more restricted.

This painting is called 30 PERCENT. It refers to the roughly 30% population of minors that make up the population of the world; one billion of them living in poverty today. It urges you to consider them when you weigh in on world matters. It shows you the darkness that too many of them live in, our mistakes forever stitched onto their faces. 30 percent. Let’s try to do better by them.